Atlas of Posidonia

This project aims to complete the existing cartography based on the Posidonia oceanica, checking the validity and degree of fidelity / integrity of this, creating an App that allows the user to know if they are in a permitted anchorage area or not, as well as publicize the project and its application

Cartography of Posidonia

The Atlas of Posidonia oceanica has involved an exhaustive field work and cabinet that has made it possible to identify the marine habitats that exist in the Balearic Islands through different techniques, among which is the Lateral Scan Sonar or the interpretation of satellite images. The result of this project is a cartography with a high level of detail of the Posidonia oceanica on the seabed of the Balearic Islands. The last phase of this project has consisted of the development of the App “Posidonia GOIB”, which allows any user to know, through geolocation and in real time, the seabed on which they intend to anchor. Ensuring that the anchoring will be done correctly and never on Posidonia oceanica.

Atlas of Posidonia


Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

Side Scan Sonar of the island of Mallorca from 0 to 30 meters. In deeper areas there have been other existing cartographies

Aerial images

In the areas closest to the coast, the clear and transparent areas are image interpreted with an aerial image and then, field campaign where there were doubts.

Review of existing cartographies

In Ibiza and Formentera they have been updated and integrated with new maps. In Menorca, the main cartography is the one produced by OBSAM