For sailors

All those people who love and enjoy the sea know the need to care for and protect it.

The nautical sector is compatible with the protection of natural areas through environmental management and assistance to vessels who come to enjoy our waters. In this sense, many times due to lack of information or due to lack of the necessary means, we cause damage that can sometimes be irreparable.

We would like to continue promoting the good conservation for the Posidonia meadows of the Balearic Islands, which are protected by decree 25/2015, of July 28. It is established that all vessels must anchor on sandy bottoms and that both the anchor and the chain must always be outside the meadows of this marine plant characteristic of the entire Mediterranean

Good practices

Good practice 1

Be informed via web on

Good practice 2

Check the seabed; use the batiscope or the instruments available.

Good practice 3

Use the GOIB APP to find the most optimal anchoring location.

Good practice 4

Calculate the position of the anchor and the length of the chain. Take into account the length of the boat and the intensity and direction of the wind.

Good practice 5

The more length and wind, the more chain and the further from the meadow must be anchored so as not to damage it.

Good practice 6

In protected areas, do not carry out activities that cause noise and disturb marine fauna

Good practice 7

Do not pour the bilge water at the anchor point and only do so in the places authorized in the port or at least 12 miles from the coast.

Good practice 8

Take the waste to the port and do not fill the bins on the beaches. Reduce waste generation and recycle.

Good practice 9

When lifting the anchor, machine forward to raise the anchor vertically reducing the drag of the anchor and the chain on the seabed.