Praderia de posidònia


The sea is one of the primary elements of the environment in the Balearic Islands. In the context of insularity and economic exploitation of the coast (fishing, tourism, etc.), it is essential to include the learning progress of the marine environment in all educational programs. These programs should consider both the student population and the general public. The Aula del Mar (Sea Workshop) are interpretation centers of the marine environment that provide students and teachers from the Balearics, as well as the general public, with a set of interpretative elements and activities to connect with the marine environment. These facilities make it possible to work on environmental education content and objectives, as well as other topics from different curriculum areas, in an environment with suitable facilities and resources.

Fondo posidonia


Edificio Can Salas – Sa Petrolera. C/ Francesc Femenias, 1 (cantonada c/ Medellín) 07006. Palma de Mallorca

Phone: +34971176687


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