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The Mediterranean Posidonia Network (MPN) originated from the European Commission’s “Anchors Away” event, held in Athens in 2019. This initiative was born out of the synergy between the French Agency for BiodiversityThe French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) and the Balearic Government. Its purpose is to unify a wide range of stakeholders, including authorities, scientists, international environmental organizations, professionals, yacht operators, and marinas from Mediterranean countries. The MPN already has more than 60 members from 11 countries and has been supported by renowned organizations such as IUCN, WWF, MedPan, and SPA/RAC.

The unified concern of these actors is focused on the protection and conservation of Posidonia oceanica. This essential marine species is threatened by various pressures, such as pollution, anchoring, and trawl fishing, varying in intensity and nature in each Mediterranean region. In response, the MPN is dedicated to intensifying capacity development initiatives in each country, establishing effective strategies to improve the protection of Posidonia oceanica and halt its progressive degradation.

MPN Objectives:

  • Deepen knowledge about Posidonia oceanica, its pressures and impacts, and establish robust mechanisms for its monitoring and evaluation.
  • Develop and strengthen regulations to ensure consistent and uniform standards throughout the Mediterranean region.
  • Promote the implementation and adoption of low-impact buoy field services and/or provide sustainable alternatives to boat users.
  • Raise awareness at the local, national, and international levels about the crucial importance of Posidonia oceanica in biodiversity and its role in mitigating climate change.

The Balearic Government has been instrumental in amplifying the MPN’s mission. It has integrated the experience of the Posidonia operation and the Posidonia Surveillance Service, along with conservation initiatives, enriching the network’s mission. Furthermore, it has actively contributed to the development of the MPN Roadmap, a strategic plan that guides efforts to protect Posidonia oceanica throughout the Mediterranean.

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International entities

To establish relationships with other groups and organizations outside the usual work group, it is key to establish a network of collaborators and contacts. Examples like the Mediterranean Posidonia Network establish very important relationships that maximize conservation and protection efforts for Posidonia, under a common objective. The larger the network and the accessibility of data by the administration, the better the management of the prairie ecosystem can be. Joining forces, exchanging data and experiences is extremely valuable for achieving objectives and success.

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